A pattern emerging in chaos

Have you read The Shack by W. P. Young? In the book, the protagonist is shown a huge garden, and he comments on it being a complete mess. Sarayu (who is meant to be the Holy Spirit) says, “To you it seems like a mess, but I see a perfect pattern emerging and growing and alive – a living fractal.”

Hard to imagine now but there was a time when I had a very vague idea what fractals are (to those of you who are friends with sciences, this may sound utterly ignorant – but it’s true!). Ever since reading The Shack, I’ve been fascinated by fractal pictures and the idea of every mess being part of a bigger plan in which it makes perfect sense.

It’s good to see one’s garden from a distance. And to do that, you have to leave the everyday life behind.

I’ll do just that in the beginning of July…


The Garden of Silence in Taizé, southern France

I won’t be there this year, but I’ll be somewhere very, very close.

In a place of peace and belonging.

This is a hope-inspiring thought, indeed.


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