Green… and more

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The first day of February is here, and we are heading towards spring. Slowly, but steadily, I hope, with each day bringing a bit more light. It’s nice to snuggle inside and bake cakes and knit and watch Downton Abbey, but when I think of the endless possibilities that spring brings, my heart just starts beating faster. Indeed, when you’ve spent weeks without seeing the sun, it’s not hard to understand the ancient people who thought that there was something divine about the sun…

In the meanwhile, a kitchen garden will have to do. I’ve got some pea greens and onions that are just as impatient as me and have started to sprout already (early February!).

And I’ve got a simple piece of knitting that I started yesterday and will finish tonight. It’s a baby cosy (a slightly modified pattern by Nikki Van De Car), and I knit it for a friend’s baby who will be born in April. All in all, a very Estonian knit – the yarn is Aade Long held double in a wonderfully heathered green colour (I’m afraid the pictures don’t do the colour justice, so you’ll have to take my word for it), and the juniper buttons come from a Tallinn crafts shop.

Happy hibernating, everyone! 🙂 And in case you’d like to try a pear and chocolate tart, you’ll find a great recipe here.


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